This paper should be about 5 pages long (12, double-space). You choose your own subject based on the materials we have already covered. Please choose a particular narrow theme, e.g. Socrates’ theory of recollection as it was featured in the Meno, or Agathon’s account of love in the Symposium, or any conceptual thread that you may be interested in. You may take an argument that you understood well or an argument that poses various stumbling blocks so that you may try to make sense of it. All you need to do in this paper is to critically engage with the text. First you need to describe the chosen argument. Then you may critically assess it and examine its validity and soundness. You may find issues with one of the premises or the conclusion. You may try to defend or refute a chosen argument. You may compare and contrast it with some alternative arguments (e.g. compare Agathon’s theory of love with that of Aristophanes). You may also approach the subject from contextual perspectives based on race, gender, etc. For instance, you may criticize a chosen argument from, say, post-colonial or feminist perspectives. The only thing to keep in is mind that the goal of this paper is to do philosophy, i.e. to critically engage with the subject.


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