Organizational Action Plan

The scenario is that you have been asked to work within a mid-sized hospital organization in a suburban community within a large city. The hospital used to be well-run and served as a model for efficiency. However, over time, the hospital has become more run down and is not keeping up with the “big city” hospitals in the area that are within driving distance. As a result, services have begun to be less than desirable, the staff morale has been plummeting, and consumer confidence in the hospital has considerably decreased in the past two years. Recently, the CEO and CFO of the hospital administration were fired by the board of directors. There are some hushed rumors of embezzlement going around.

The hospital has a traditional hierarchical organizational structure. Departments function with each specialty unit and are under the administrative supervision of the operations department. The board of the hospital operates at a very high level with very little involvement with those involved in day-to-day operations. Hospital employees have two weeks vacation and five sick days each year, and get a 1% pay increase per year.

With this information in mind, and based on your readings for this module, discuss the following with your group:

1. What would you do to begin to improve things in this hospital?
2. How would you improve hospital services, staff efficiency, and morale?
3. What policies and procedures would need to change to support your plan?
4. Once things start improving, how would you maintain these improvements?
5. How would this improve consumer confidence in the hospital?

At the end of your discussion, the group must collaboratively agree on the strategies used to solve the problem and prioritize the order that the strategies will be implemented.  The group must upload a simple action plan with timelines to illustrate their agreement.  It should be 2-3 pages in length.

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