Culture and social boundaries

Explain how culture relates to social boundaries. How do we express culture through consumption? How and why do you think some material or symbolic cultural items, like cornrows, rainbow flags or other examples, create and “cross over” boundaries separating popular culture and subcultures?

Include information from chapter 5.

Grading Rubric:
Relevance to assigned material: the posted ideas indicate that the student has read the assigned material.
Clarity, coherence: the ideas are stated clearly and coherently. Critical thinking: there is evidence that the student has adequately analyzed, synthesized, and evaluated the assigned material. Poses a discussion question about the assigned material or draws a connection between a current event and the assigned material
Spelling, grammar: the posting must meet university-level standards of spelling and grammar. Be sure to break up your post into paragraphs for clarity. This is extremely important. I will be very strict about this so proofread your posts!
Length: the initial posting for each weekly module must be no less than 500 words. I will also be very strict about this. Be sure to do a word count before submitting it.

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