cultural theory

Assignment One – due 1st April 2022
This is an individual piece of work.
Maximum word count = 1,000 words.
It aims to reinforce your knowledge of culture and cultural theory and to develop your
awareness of the limitations in cross-cultural theory. This will help to improve your
competence in working in multi-cultural environments in the future.
In particular, this assignment links business ethics and culture. It gives you the opportunity
to understand business ethics from a cross-cultural perspective and to explore the validity of
many prevailing behaviours and attitudes. The assignment brief is as follows:
 Identify an ethical issue / dilemma and write a critical essay regarding
how that dilemma would be explored and resolved in different cultures
using the Hofstede cultural dimensions.
A link to the Hofstede article can be found in the General section at the top of this moodle
You are strongly advised to discuss your approach to this essay with your seminar tutor prior
to starting it i.e. what ethical issue and cultural dimensions you are proposing to address.

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