Criminological Theory Paper 1

Data from 2020 showed a sizeable increase in homicide across the country. Why this increase occurred is a topic of much debate in the field of criminology. Using one of the major theories discussed thus far, explain why this rise has occurred and whether it is likely to continue post-pandemic. Be sure to explain the logic of the theory in general as well as how this theory would explain why this increase has occurred. Be sure to cite relevant research as appropriate. Finally, if your theory is correct, how should our city have responded to this increase (or, what could our city have done to prevent it)? In other words, what would reduce this increase in homicide from your theoretical perspective?


Choose from this list of theories: Routine Activities Theory, Deterrence Theory (including Perceptual Deterrence Theory), Rational Choice Theory, Social Disorganization Theory, Self-Control Theory. Use a different theory than the one you covered in your Exam 1 essay.

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