The child in the context of family and community

The Child in the Context of Family and Community — Requirement:  Type 6 full pages minimum — (Margin: 1 inch; Font Type and Size: Times New Roman, 12; Spacing: double).  May exceed 6 pages with no penalty.  Make sure your margins are one-inch on all sides.

The ‘cover’ and ‘works cited/ reference’ pages do not contribute to the 6-page count.  (No cover sheet required).  You may use outside resources to further your comprehension.  Do not insert images or tables onto your paper.  You may, however, add an Appendix page after the ‘Reference’ page with small images or table to further expound on your examples.  Cite your work MLA style format.  Ten (10) points shall be deducted right off the top for each page omission/ (missing page).  Your Portfolio Assignment (PA) is your FINAL.

Note:  Your paper will be based on Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model giving a descriptive account of your life via the various layers and components in the systems.  The child is at the center of the concentric circles.  Start your story with you as a young child.  As you move through the layers, you may continue telling your story as a child, then as an adolescent, or young adult if you wish.  It’s totally up to you; however, initially at least, it’s you as a child discussing the various layers experiences, and people in your life.  Refer to the appropriate section of your current textbook for a more descriptive account.

Make sure that your paper is cohesive and easy to follow.  Use correct spelling and grammar (carefully proofread before submission), and answer in complete sentences. Never copy and paste from any website or claim work as your own if it isn’t.  To earn full credit, elaborate fully and think critically.  Expect up to a two-week window from assignment due date for me to grade your assignments.  Follow instructions to avoid further point deductions.

FORMAT/ (Outline) for Portfolio Project Assignment paper:

Start with an introduction and end with a conclusion as is the standard for most papers. You may highlight, bold or underscore main points so I can follow along more easily when grading.  Use paragraph form on your paper.  Note: Avoid choppy paragraphs.  Paragraphs generally contain (5) full sentences each.                                                                                                                                                                        To reiterate, write an interpretation of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Model (include all systems giving a brief definition and a thorough interpretation of each system) applying them to your own life.  Make sure to define each system at the start as you move through the layers.  As you can see below, the microsystem is defined as number one before describing the rest of that system—
For example:


Microsystem – The microsystems layer, the smallest of the contexts in which the child is embedded, is made up of the environment where the child lives and moves. The people and institutions the child interacts with in that environment make up the microsystems.
Immediate family (Describe).
Neighborhood play area (Describe).
Teachers and peers (Describe).
Child care (Describe).
(continue on through the layers)

Mesosystems – (Define). Continue until all the layers in the Mesosystems and other systems are addressed.

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