Sandy Hook Shooter PSY 2012

This is your Exam 1 material homework.

Case Study Evaluation

Adam Lanza: Sandy Hook Shooter

PSY 2012: Dr. Diane Thompson

In chapter 1 (Part 1) , you read/reviewed the current major psychological perspectives/theories in the field of Psychology. For this Case Study Evaluation assignment you will be applying these psychological theories (behavioral, cognitive, biopsychological, humanistic, psychodynamic/psychoanalytic) to evaluate the Sandy Hook shooting and the life of the shooter, Adam Lanza. Based on information provided below, you will be coming up with generating ideas (hypotheses) to try to explain what could have caused Adam Lanza to become a mass murderer.

In order to get an overview of the Sandy Hook shooting and background information on the shooter, you will need to read the brief news articles and view the video clips below. As you are reading and viewing the video clips, take notes on any details of the event or Adam Lanza’s life that you believe might be helpful in providing an explanation to answer the question “Why did he do it?”
Overview of Sandy Hook school shooting: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)


After reviewing the notes you have created, generate some specific hypotheses (general explanations) that might contribute to answering the question “Why did he do it?” For example, if you notice in the readings or video that it was suggested that Adam Lanza was possibly a zombie or abducted by aliens, you could argue that those factors or experiences could be a reason for his actions.

After generating/creating at least 2 specific hypotheses to answer the question “Why did he do it?”, determine which perspective/theory in psychology is reflected in that hypothesis. For example, if Adam Lanza had been abducted by aliens, that would be an experience which is related to the behavioral perspective. (To increase your understanding of the psychological perspective, you are encouraged to refer to your textbook)

Submit your hypotheses as a Word Document in this online Assignment. Be sure to include:

an explanation of what evidence from the readings/videos led you to the hypothesis AND
identification of which psychological perspective is illustrated by this hypothesis. Provide an explanation for why you believe this perspective is reflected in the hypothesis
For example:

your hypothesis could be that Adam Lanza may have been abducted by aliens which could have contributed to his behaviors. This possibility was mentioned in the ABC News video clip and the New York Times article.
This hypothesis seems to reflect the behavioral theory since it was an experience and behaviorism argues that we are influenced by all of our life experiences.

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