PSYC 520 Psychology & Christianity


Reflection Assignment Instructions


In this Reflection Assignment, you will provide a thoughtful discussion on the relationship between psychology and Christianity as you currently perceive it. In this course, you will encounter different ways that people perceive the relationship between psychological science and Christian faith. The purpose of this Reflection Assignment is to allow you to think about the relationship between these two disciplines before delving deeper into the course.



1. The task is to reflect and provide a thoughtful discussion on the relationship between psychology and Christian faith.

2. This reflection should briefly touch on what you already know of integration regarding psychology and Christian faith, where your position is currently, and how you want to grow within your future understanding of integration.

3. Your reflection must demonstrate critical thinking.

4. Citations are required to support your current position.

5. Include at least 2 pages of text in the body of your Reflection Assignment, double-spaced.

6. Current APA format must be followed (professional standards). Must include the following:

· Title page

· Body of the paper: 2 pages (double-spaced).

· Reference page

Be sure to review the criteria on the Reflection Grading Rubric before beginning this Reflection Assignment.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism issue.

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