How do you think of your personality? What do you like? What do you hope to modify about your personality?
Discuss your Big 5 traits, what sub-categories are most notable to you and why. What did you learn about you? What does this suggest?
Include each dimension within the four types of Myers Briggs. What do you observe about your types in your conflicts/disagreements with others?
Describe your enneagram: then answer the following questions under the “Awareness practice” section on this website for your enneagram type after you have located your enneagram’s type page:
Describe and provide a personal reflection on either your DISC scores, Meyers-Briggs type, and/or attachment type. Discuss how the traits apply or do not apply to you according to your scores.
Then compare and contrast personality information learned about yourself with various personality assessments. Was there reliability between the Big 5, DISC, Myers Briggs, attachment style and Strength finder- what seems consistent between assessments? What is different? (Not necessary to compare each assessment, only comment on the ones most notable).
Lastly, discuss what you learned about yourself and how it applies to your relationships with others and your future work.

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