Mealtime Social Story

Scripted Stories for Social Situations help children understand social interactions, situations, expectations, social cues, the script of unfamiliar activities, and/or social rules. As the title implies, they are brief descriptive stories that provide information regarding a social situation. When children are given information that helps them understand the expectations of a situation, their problem behavior within that situation is reduced or minimized.
Develop a Social Story for mealtime for a 4-5 year old child. Identify the age appropriate NC FELD indicators being addressed across the domains in the social story.
Apps that could be used to make social narratives:
Social Stories Creator and Library for Preschool, Autism and Special Needs
Story Maker for Social Stories
Stories About Me
Social Skill Stories
My Pictures Talk
Social Stories
Social Stories For
Tapikeo HD
Kid in Story Book Maker
Software that could be used to make social narratives:
Pogo Boards :
Pogo Boards is a full-featured, robust, web-based solution for creating boards. Features include: Speech output with 42 different, high quality, text-to-speech voices. You will have access to millions of images through an intuitive, integrated Google image search, plus thousands of unique, custom symbols with SymbolStix© and the new PiCS© symbol system. Pogo Boards also gives you the ability to share boards online either within your own private community or the global community of all users.
Picto-Selector :
Picto Selector is a Windows application written for easy selection and printing of pictos.  After downloading and installing the software you can start creating pictosheets. You can insert your own pictures into a pictosheet or choose from over 24,000 pictures and symbols. Once you are finished you can save it as a pdf and print out a copy to use.
ConnectABILITY :
ConnectAbility offers a visuals engine that is great for creating a quick social story on the fly. There are no downloads necessary. Simply select your template (choose from choice time, rules, schedules, personal stories and more), add Boardmaker images or upload your own images and print or save as a PDF.
LessonPix :
LessonPix is an easy-to-use online resource that allows users to create various customized learning materials. LessonPix offers a simple three step process for creating a social story.
Boardmaker :
Boardmaker was one of the first and most well-known social story applications created. Boardmaker lets you create talking books, behavior supports, schedules, rewards charts and much more. Boardmaker also lets you download over 10,000 ready-made boards that other members have created. Please note that Boardmaker was designed for schools and therapists and therefore the price is significantly more than other products.

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