Major Depressive Disorder

Introduction – 1st paragraph:
A.  Define disorder (Using DSM-5 criteria)
B.  Give background of disorder
C.  State thesis: purpose of paper.  This is the last sentence of your introduction.  (Ex: Since depression affects approximately 100 million people worldwide, it is very important to understand the early warning signs and symptoms associated with depression.)
D.  List the main points you are going to discuss in the body of the paper.  Make sure to have at least 3 (i.e.: causes, symptoms, and counseling treatment).  You need one paragraph in the body for each point you mention in this part of the introduction.
Body :
A.  The 2nd portion of your paper should discuss the first point you listed in the introduction divisions.
B.  The next portion of your paper should discuss the 2nd point you listed.
C.  Continue in this pattern until you have addressed the points you listed.
Conclusion – Last paragraph:
A.  Restate your thesis or the purpose of your paper
B.  Write about why this is important
C.  Mention future research professionals are conducting regarding this disorder
D.  Remember to make the conclusion similar in length to the other paragraphs.
References (last page):

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