“hostile attributional bias”

Write a two page paper, double spaced, 12 point font, APA style, that addresses how the “hostile attributional bias” provides a good example of the process of evocation. Speak to the relationship to confirmation bias in people.  Specifically, speak to how personality characteristics such as Hostility, Neurosis (anxiety and fearfullness), or even openess and how they can impact confirmation bias and drive or motivate evocation.  If aggressive people chronically interpret ambiguous behavior from others, such as being bumped into, as intentionally hostile, what do Neurotic people, or open people or  contientious people see in ambiguious behavior of others and what do they then evoke from others. If the tendency to infer hostile intent on the part of others in the face of uncertain or unclear behavior from others will impact evocation, how else might personality charactersitics evoke responses in others?

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