Benevolent Sexism

Reflection paper – guidelines

· Page length: the reflection papers should not exceed 2 pages, using a 1.5 spacing. Please do not tamper with margins or page borders as set by Word by default.

· Reflection papers will need to contain a header – with your name, ID number, and date of submission. Headers are present on both pages of the reflection paper.

· Title: all reflection papers will have a “title”, where the main variable you are interested in writing about is clearly spelled out (for example: “Fundamental Attribution Error”). Additional contextual information could be added to the title.

· Reflection papers will need to include a short reference section at the end of the document. The reference section will need to list all the articles cited in text, and need to follow the APA format.

Part 1:

Reflection papers need to open with a description of the incident or event or observation you intend to reflect upon. You would need to provide details about the event, and sufficient contextual information to allow for adequate assessment and reactions. For example, you would provide some description of the setting, location/time, and give a short narrative of what happened, the sequence etc. the narrative can contain direct quotes if these statements will be part of the content you intend to analyse later (e.g. a conversation with a sibling, etc.). The description of the narrative/incident/event should not exceed half a page.

Part 2:

The second section of the reflection paper will provide your “academic” psychological assessment of the event. You would highlight which concept(s) are at play, provide an adequately referenced definition of the concept(s), and the factors that are likely to affect such phenomena. You would explain how the narrative you described fits (or doesn’t fit) your chosen concept, and why this is so. The why will need to have adequate references to published papers about the topic.

Part 3:

The third and final section of the reflection paper may include the following two sub sections: 1) a reflection of how the manifestation of this phenomena is influenced by culture or the Qatari or home culture (Islam) context or similar characteristics. This manifestation may be identical or vary/differ from what is stated in the literature, and you would need to reflect about this. Please avoid stereotypical statements or anecdotal evidence. 2) your personal thoughts or feelings about the event and its implications for you and for the field of psychology.

Please note that all statements of fact (e.g. the sky is blue) need to be adequately and properly referenced. Only the section associated with your subjective reaction can be without such references.


Benevolent Sexism

I have encountered many situations in which I or another woman has been discriminated against based on her gender. A recent observation was this month here at Doha Institute in one of my classes. A male classmate was discussing how everything is considered sexist nowadays. He told us about a heated debate he had with a girl he knew accusing him of being sexist. In one of his arguments in the debate, he talked about how he doesn’t want his future wife to work in a high-risk, difficult handy work job i.e., Mechanic. Upon asking for his reasons, he explained “I don’t want her to suffer or harm herself as this job is high risk and demands physical strength therefore it’s a man’s job”. I saw that a few took his side saying yes it makes sense and mostly it’s a men’s type of job. To him and others, this act is coming as a form of care and love, however, if taking a closer look, one would find that it’s a stereotypical ideology that women are fragile and incompetent, therefore, they need protection and help.



complete part 2 and 3 from giudline

i provided the event please answer whats required in part 2 and 3 carfully. use in text citation. and provide a short litriture reveiw of benevolent sexism

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