Abstinence Activity

This paper will be reflective of a person addicted to a substance. It will help to give a glimpse of the feelings and thoughts that an addicted person experience when they quit or go without a substance for a period of time. Students will give up a substance such as caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolate), alcohol, cigarettes or a behavior such as playing video games, using social media, eating sweets, watching television. This will happen for a period of one week. It will be from class time on Tuesday to the following Tuesday. Students will maintain a log of their experiences, feeling, and behaviors associated with abstaining. It should include feelings of temptations and/or “lapses”. The log will be written daily, then at the end of the period students will write a minimum of a two-page paper. This paper will discuss the substance or behavior given up. It will also include the following:

daily feelings and thoughts
behavior changes
temptations or urges
any lapses
responses of others
how you made adjustments or substitutions
conclusion of the overall experience

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