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5 Parts of A Research Paper In Order?


The essential parts of a research paper are the title, abstract, introduction, literature review, research method, results, discussion, managerial implications, conclusion, and future scope.


Title Selection


The first step in writing a good research paper is to choose a good title. Most of the time, the title should tell you exactly what the manuscript is about. The abstract is the second part of a research paper. The abstract needs to be clear. Most abstracts should be about 200 words long. It should be able to say as much as possible in as few words as possible.




The abstract should briefly describe the study’s goals, the research methods used, the main results, and what they mean. The authors should list four or five keywords at the end of the abstract. Keywords make it easier for other researchers to find articles they want to read. The next part of a research paper is the introduction, which comes after the abstract.




You should set the tone of a research paper in the introduction. The introduction should include background information about the topic of the research, the reasons why the current study is being done based on significant research gaps, the research objectives and research questions, the scope of the research, how unique and new the study is, and the organization of the whole paper in the last paragraph of the introduction. The introduction shouldn’t be longer than one-fifth of the whole research paper.


Literature Review


The literature review comes next in a research paper. The goal of the literature review section of a research paper is to compile and critically appraise the relevant studies that have been conducted on the subject. To demonstrate the originality of their study, authors should look for voids in the existing literature. 


Most researchers make a common mistake here, failing to correctly identify the problem of study based on existing research gaps, leading to their papers being rejected by editors at the editorial desk. The authors should cite the most recent (within the last ten years) research papers.


 No paper from the targeted journal in the specified research area should be left open for review if the authors intend to submit their work there. The methodology utilized in the study comes next in the paper.


Research Methodology


It needs to be professionally written, understandable, and well-structured. It needs to have some relationship to the paper’s stated research aims. Examples of possible research approaches include case studies, empirical research, and modeling. The authors’ choice of methodology ought to be made transparent. It is also helpful to provide a flowchart of the various stages of the research process.




After the research methodology, the results section should be described. The results section should clearly and sequentially describe all findings. The findings should be presented as tables and figures without repetition as much as possible. Authors should accurately describe the results without distorting the data. Following the results section, the findings are discussed.




The findings should be interpreted within the context of the paper’s research questions. The findings should also be compared to previous research conducted in the same area. Typically, authors disregard the discussion section following the results section. After the discussion, the authors should also include managerial implications. If the implications of a study are insignificant for academia and industry, the likelihood of a paper being accepted is typically lower.




At long last, the authors should draw some conclusions about the study. The authors should briefly summarize the study’s aims, major findings, original contribution, limitations, and anticipated impact. As a final advice, we suggest that authors keep the paper’s contents flowing consistently.


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