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Politics in Michigan

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Politics in Michigan

Part 1A: the candidates

Michigan is one of the numerous States in America. The state has undergone tremendous growth and declines over the years during its existence. According to research, Michigan experienced exponential growth during the 1950s; however, because of differences and changes in governments, citizens have been confronted with various challenges. The 20th and 21st centuries have been ideal in Michigan because of economic growth, but some areas have also experienced a decline. For instance, there has been an economic decline in cities such as Detroit, Flint, and Pontiac, leading to increased rates of unemployment and migration. Therefore, as the state focuses on how best to address the current issues and challenges faced by Michiganders, Michiganders need to choose or select the best leaders. They will work for the best interest of the citizens and the country at large.

Carol Glanville is a democratic candidate vying for a seat in the 74th House District. Carol was born and raised in West Michigan. She is a stepmother and a daughter to union workers. Since her childhood, Carol has had a passion for learning; therefore, she managed to be an extensive teacher, administrator, consultant and leading communities in general. Carol has served as a Walker City commissioner and an advisor in various advocacy groups. She ran for the Michigan 74th House District seat because of her passion for standing up and fighting for working individuals, the environment and ensuring a thriving working environment. Carol emerged to be a winner during the May elections with 52% of the overall votes against Regan Robert, a Republican candidate who made headlines in March because of his controversial statements on rape and covid-19. Therefore, since West Michigander values integrity, decency and care for the public, Carol became the most preferred candidate to fill the House of Representative seat.

She was facing Republican Robert Regan and Mike Milanowski Jr., a write-in candidate. Carol won the seat in a historic win because Republicans held the 4th House District seat since 1993. Robert Regan has always been portrayed as a controversial candidate in the Michigan House of Representatives elections. For instance, in March 2022, Regan filled the news headlines because of his utterances by saying that when women are raped, they should lie back and enjoy the rape process. Mike Milanowski Jr. was running as a write-in candidate; therefore, if he was to win the primaries, the voters would have been the ones to write his name on the ballot papers.

The major issue during the elections and campaigns is that Robert Regan had faced controversial issues in the past few months before the elections. According to reports, he won the March primaries because he echoed the false presidential vote fraud claims. Regan is now for making controversial statements, including the one he made about rape and how he tells his daughter to always lay back and enjoy.

For any candidate to get nominated or on the ballot paper in Michigan, they must meet the ballot access laws to appear on the ballot papers. There are three basic methods that candidates use to become candidates; they can be nominated through a recognized political party and run as independent candidates through petition or write-in candidates. The Democratic political party nominated Carol Glanville as its preferred candidate. She was required to have at least 1000 signatures to qualify for inclusion on the ballot paper.

Part 1B: The office

The Michigan State Legislature regards the House of Representatives as the lower chamber working alongside the senate-house. It also works alongside the governor in creating laws and establishing the state budget. Therefore, the legislative duty and responsibility of the Michigan house are to pass bills, set levels on how much the state should spend and vote against or for gubernatorial vetoes. The house always meets in the capitol building in Lansing. It comprises 110 members elected by electorates, and they need to be in office for two years. The representatives serve in districts based on the population they acquire from the federal decennial census.

The 74th House District office has various powers bestowed on the selected candidate. For instance, Carol has the power to initiate revenue bills; she is also bestowed with authority alongside other representatives to impeach federal officials and also elect the president during the Electoral College tie.

The benefits of being in the office of the House of Representatives in Michigan and other states in America are numerous. For instance, the House of Representatives in Michigan gets a decent salary of $71 685 plus extra money for expenses in a year. They run and take part in state legislations, propose bills, pass or fail bills and can impeach federal officials who do not conform to the American constitutional rights. They also have the right and liberty to get health insurance and legal protection. Another vital benefit is that the person in the office, such as Carol, has a chance and the opportunity to lead the people ad run the district that she represents.

Even though there are numerous powers and benefits bestowed on the Michigan House of Representatives, the members also face limitations. For instance, they cannot be elected more than three times to serve as representatives in any US House of Representatives within 12 years. The representatives should not have conflicts of interests when in office; therefore, regardless of the party that the electorates vote for, he or they should treat and serve them equally.

Historically, the Michigan 74th House District has been held by Republicans since 1993; however, in the May 2022 elections, Carol, a Democratic member, won the elections against Regan. This implies that the Republicans had held the 4th House District office for almost three decades before any Democrat won it in May this year.

The Michigan House of Representatives is elected into office through partisan elections. Two or more candidates face each other during the elections, and the one that gets the highest votes gets the seat. For instance, during the May 2022 4th House District face-offs, Carol competed with Regan and Mike. Carol managed to get 52% of the total votes, while Regan got 40%. Therefore, Carol assumed the office since she was the one that got the highest votes.



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