HMGT 420 Medical Errors

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Assignment #2 (15% of the final grade)


Select a quality topic in healthcare from the list below.  Prepare a summary document using the  table format below. The  table should be single spaced and no more than 3-4 pages in length (11 to 12 point font).   Except in the case of titles, use complete sentences, i.e., write using narrative format.   Include a cover page and a list of references (this is separate from the summary pages).

Select from the following quality topics.  NOTE: If there is another related topic that you would like to write on, please get approval from your Professor.

1. Medical Errors

2. Quality and Healthcare Disparities

3. Patient Safety

4. Quality/Core Measures

5. Value-based Purchasing

6. Pay for Performance (P4P)

HGMT420 Quality Topic Research Summary
Student Name Type your name here.
Quality Topic Provide the name of the quality topic chosen.
Quality Topic Description Provide a detailed description and origins of the quality topic chosen. Indicate in detail who is affected (and how) by this topic (healthcare providers, patients, healthcare organizations, etc.).
Legislation Research legislation and/or policies related to the quality topic chosen. Provide a detailed description of the policies/legislation.  Describe the scope of the legislation and how it impacts the organization, providers, and patients.
Regulatory Research Regulatory Agencies that implement policies and enforce legislation related to the quality topic chosen. Discuss in detail at least three (3).
Conclusion Indicate any upcoming changes, regulations, etc. that will impact the quality topic chosen.  What does the future hold for this issue? How should healthcare leaders manage this issue in their organizations?











Supplemental Readings and Resources for Week 1:

· American Hospital Association (AHA) Health Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Measures for Hospitals and Health Systems Dashboard PDF

· CMS 2021: Publication Inventory of Resources for Standardized Demographic and Language Data Collection PDF

· CMS Website: Hospital and Provider Compare Landing Page

· Watch the Video Link: Diversity & Inclusion In Healthcare Organizations Published in 2020

· Oman Medical Journal 2020 Publication: Virtual Interdisciplinary Team A Hospital Pandemic Preparedness Approach PDF

· Journal of Patient Centered Research and Reviews 2019 Publication Team Based Care and Patient Satisfaction in the Hospital Setting PDF

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