Health Proposal for Stroke clients

Develop a proposal for a health promotion project in Australia relevant to your local government population or the community
area where you are currently living. This proposal should address an identified need and reflect the current health
promotion strategies and frameworks. The proposal is to be submitted in a report format and should include main
and sub-headings as well as appropriate appendices. The proposal report should contain the following main sections:
Executive Summary
Program Aim and Objectives
Strategies (including teaching sessions and other activities designed)
Implementation Plan
Evaluation Plan
Appendices (see further).
Appendix A: A proposed teaching plan for one education session (1-2 pages. Table format may be used) which forms
part of the implementation plan discussed in the body of the proposal. Support from in-text references is required
for the teaching plan where factual information is provided.
Appendix B: One detailed example of an evaluation strategy or an evaluation process. suitable for the proposal
evaluation. For example, a survey or set of questions for a focus group relevant to your topic and target population.
Support from the literature is required for the example evaluation strategy.
Appendix C: One example of a resource to support the proposed health promotion project. Design ONE of the
– a recruitment poster or pamphlet to encourage participant participation in your program; or
– a set of PowerPoint slides which could be used, in conjunction with your teaching plan, to present a 1 hr health
education presentation to your target audience. The PowerPoint must be referenced appropriately and contain
no more than 8 slides.
1. Title: Decide on a creative name for your proposed Health Promotion project after researching a population group
you wish to target. Leave the Executive summary until the final step so you can summarise the whole proposal.
2. Introduction and Background: Discuss and introduce the background of your project in relation to health issue
(s) it aims to address. Identify the health issue(s) requiring change applicable to your local government and/or
community area (with a strong rationale for the need). Support your work with recent and relevant literature to
support the identified need in relation to a target population.
3.Program Aim and Objectives: Identify the proposed overall goal/aim of your project and create some measurable
objectives (both short and long-term) for the health promotion project you are designing. You may adjust those
objectives or add to them at any time in your program development.
4. Strategies: Describe, in a narrative form with headings, the strategies the project will use to address the objectives
and your rationale for using these strategies or activities within your program. Include at least one teaching session
(health education session) in your discussion and design various strategies and activities. You may include your
teaching plan (describe and justify) at this point if you wish or you can describe and justify your teaching plan within
the implementation plan, or separately. In other words, you can include the teaching plan as a 1-2-page table in your
appendix and refer to it in your discussion of either strategies or implementation to incorporates the next step.
5. Create a specific teaching/activity plan for one set of activities or for one specific activity. Support from the
literature is required for the teaching plan.
6. Write an implementation plan (eg. The detailed steps for the planning and implementation of the project). This
can be in point form or using sentences but some explanation of your plan must be written with support from the
literature. Alternatively, you can create a table format, or use a logic model, to outline and discuss the implementation
(and evaluation) steps, but this must also be supported with in-text references. A brief narrative explanation is always
helpful to introduce the reader to the purpose of any tables or logic model plans included in the proposal.
7. Resources: Provide a plan for the resources required to implement your project, or list and justify the resources
you may need. Please note that you do not have to include a budget for your project but you must at least consider
the need (or absence of a need) for funding as one issue in the formation of your proposal, and account for resources
in some way in your implementation plan and/or supporting discussion under a heading with resources. A budget
may be provided if you wish.
8. Use evidence from the literature to discuss all components of your work. Include a reference list of any resource
material you use. For example, if you adapt or use another program’s (published) evaluation format and adjusted it
to suit your own program, you must clearly acknowledge the full reference details of the original source.
9. Appendices format requirements: Develop your appendices (A.B and C) and attached them to your proposal.
Students need to scan and paste their appendices into a Word document immediately following the reference list and
submit electronically in one document where possible.

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