MIS602_Assessment 1_ Case Scenario

ABC Technology (ABCT) is a start-up company that has enjoyed a phenomenal growth over the past 3
years, and is now seeking to expand its workforce. They currently use a paper-based, manual process
for recruitment. The recruitment process is as follows:
– Managers for each functional department in the company are responsible for identifying
vacancies in their own department. Once a vacancy has been identified, they will proceed to
filling in a request form detailing the name of the position, the type of the position
(fulltime/part time/casual), job description, location, priority, scarceness on the job market,
years of relevant experience requirement, salary range and selection criteria. The form is then
submitted to the hiring manager.
– Once the hiring request has been approved by both the CEO and the finance department, the
hiring manager will put up job ads not less than 10 major recruiting platforms, including
LinkedIn and Seek.com.au. The information about the status of job ads is recorded on a piece
of paper, and is managed manually. The maximum period of time that a job ad is allowed to
stay active on a recruitment platform varies. Therefore, the hiring manager has to keep track
of the status of each job ad (active or expired) and their expiration date.
– People who have applied for a position will first be recorded in a pool of candidates. Basic
information about them are recorded, including their contact details, years of experience,
education background and previous work experience.
– Once the application is closed, the hiring manager and the department manager who initiated
the recruitment request will review all candidates’ applications, and shortlist top candidates
for interview.
– The hiring manager will arrange interviews with the shortlisted candidates. The venue, date,
time, and the interview panel are recorded.
– During the interview, the interview panel will ask the candidates a range of questions, and
each member on the interview panel will rate on a scale of 1 – 5 on the work competency,
drive and fitness of the candidate. The ratings is rated, and the top one or two candidates will
undergo reference check.
– Each candidate will nominate two referees, and provide their current position and company,
the relationship with the candidate and their contact details. The hiring manager will conduct
a reference check. The questions asked in the reference check and their answers will be
– Once the reference check is cleared, the offer will be sent to the successful candidate.
The hiring manager and their team is responsible for processing the paperwork and maintaining
records related to the recruitment process. They use a collection of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
stored on a network drive to record all information. Once a person opens the spreadsheets to edit,
others can open the spreadsheets under “read-only” mode only.
The hiring process is audited periodically and is under close scrutiny of the Board of Directors. As a
standing agenda item, The Board of Directors receives detailed reports on the recruitment process.
The reports include, but is not limited to, the following statistics:
– The number of vacancies requested for recruitment, and the number of vacancies approved
for recruitment by time period by functional department by type of position.
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– The total number of applicants by position, time period and type of position.
– The total number of interviews and the average rating by position.
– The total number of applicants by recruitment platform, and the total number of successful
candidates (i.e. the candidates who have been given an offer) by recruitment platform.
– The total number of shortlisted candidates who have more than 5 years of working
– The total number of applicants who applied for more than three positions over a specific
period of time.
– The average number of questions asked in a reference check.
Extra Resources
Please note that Requirements Analysis is an important part of the database design process. It is
purposed to gather all the information required to design a database that meets the needs of the
system proposed by the client. In this process, a series of related tasks are performed including
examining the existing database(s), conducting interviews with users, and document analysis to name
a few. One of the starting points for this assignment could be looking at employment posting websites
from across the world which would give an idea of some of the data to be captured for this system.
The following are some of them.
• https://www.seek.com.au/
• https://au.jora.com/
• https://www.naukri.com/
• https://www.monsterindia.com

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