The Glass Castle

Compare and contrast: Jeannette Walls’ The Glass castle novel to the film (The Glass Castle).
Instructions:              *Remember that analysis and insight are the primary focus— you do not want to simply point out similarities and differences. You want to make an argument about the effects of these similarities and/ or differences, or how the outside source gives insight to the movie. You should have at least three points of comparison/ analysis in your thesis statement.

Your Body Paragraphs (at least 3): Each body paragraph should have a topic sentence that connects back to a point in your thesis, quotes that are introduced and cited, and analysis that connects the quotes to your topic sentence/ thesis. You should try to have a quote from each work in each body paragraph.

Your conclusion will explain how your analysis connects to a current or enduring outside issue. If you are struggling to meet the page requirement, you can include an outside article and quote it. Make sure to cite any outside references in MLA format.

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