Racial Violence and Segregation

Racial Violence and Segregation

Assignment Prompt and Instructions

For Source A in the Resource Packet (Strange Fruit):
Read over the context notes for Source A
Listen to/read the lyrics of Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday
Consider the Guiding and Additional Questions accompanying the song
For Source B in the Resource Packet (Brown v. Board of Education)
Read over the context notes for source B and consider the Preliminary Questions as you do
Look at the images of “Segregation” and consider the Additional Questions as you do
Read the Opinion of Chief Justice Earl Warren on the Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown v. Board of Education.
While doing so, think of the additional questions that follow it.
Do the following after you have done the above:
Write an essay of about 1,000 words (it’s okay to go over) that answers the following question(s): “In what ways did racial violence (such as lynching) and segregation (such as in schools) effect the African American community broadly? Specifically, other than having an immediate effect, such as murder or attending a segregated facility, what are some ultimate effects more broadly? And, do these broader effects impact just the African American community?”
To receive a passing grade, I expect nuanced responses that directly deal with the question and material at hand—so be sure to reference to both (a) specific information within the textbook chapter and (b) any source or sources provided in the essay prompt.

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