Exploring Mental Illness

Exploring mental illnesses!  I will need you to go to the NAMI and NIHI websites and look around. Jot down several mental disorders that interest you. Look for about four different disorders. I have given you the national websites as well as the local affiliate. After you look around the websites, please read the following scenario and then complete the assignment.

Here is the scenario:
You are a mental help volunteer for the day.  You have been assigned to work a four hour shift at a booth at a college organization day! You have free giveaways and brochures. You do not think you will be busy…it’s a wonderful cool afternoon, Friday, better yet and the campus is buzzing.  It’s homecoming week!

It is your job to assist and direct students to the proper website after you have listened to their description of their problem.  As a volunteer, you cannot dispense advice, but you can get the students to the websites to help them.

Here are the demographics of the four students you need to help:

1).  An 18 year old male  who is a first time freshmen on campus.  His family is two hours from the college.

2). A 21 year old female who should be an upperclassmen but has been failing since her freshmen year.

3). A 30 year old white who is in his first semester in college. He is a veteran.

4). A 28 year old female who is a single mom of 3 children, ages 6-15 and works full time.

Looking at the website, please create a ficitious problem the individual stopped to your table to discuss.  Look at the disorders and list the symptoms.  You should state if this individual is in urgent need of assistance.  Then, direct the individual to the website (local) to get the help he/she needs.  Remember, you cannot diagnosis the individual, but you can point them to the website for guidance.

You should have a six paragraph essay. The introduction is basically your report about what you encountered during your shift. A paragraph with at least 8 sentences about the individual’s problem, why you selected this problem and how you think the website you referred them to may help. Please make sure your disorder fits the age of the individual. Not all disorders fit everyone.

Your concluding paragraph should indicate why you selected the disorders (your level of interest) as well as why you selected the website. You can send an individual to both websites, just explain why?

Have fun, pick disorders for all four students you encounter at your booth. This assignment will be work upwards of 100 points. Your writing has to be college level writing. This means that you must have a double spaced assignment with 1 inch margins top, bottom, left and right. You should use proper English, no text language and have complete sentences. You should avoid contractions and you should provide this assessment/summary in 3rd person. No use of I…you are an outside report. Which means you will use the term, “the volunteer elected to refer individual #1, or …. to the following website.

You should only put a header with your Name at the top and the page number…..

About Mental Illness


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