self-learning skills

To develop self-learning skills as demonstrated by using ASHRAE VRP spreadsheet to calculate the
HVAC system efficiency of a planned student accommodation
Assessment will be based on the following:
Attribute Marks Marks obtained
Extracted relevant information 26
Demonstrated effective use of VRP spreadsheet 15
Computed correct answers 9
Total marks 50
1. Background
You are the principal HVAC engineer in charge of designing the HVAC system of a planned student
accommodation in Maine, USA. The average highest temperature is about 26 degree Celcius while
the average lowest temperature is well below 0 degree Celcius.
The tentative layout of the development is shown below:
2. Task
Use the VRP spreadsheet available from ASHRAE to calculate the following:
a) Maximum primary outdoor air fraction (Zp)
b) System ventilation efficiency
c) Minimum outdoor air intake (L/s)
These are in rows 28 to 31 of the spreadsheet.
You will need to extract information in section 1. Background and in the AHSRAE Addendum to
standard 62.1-2016 “Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality” for use in the VRP spreadsheet.
Read the spreadsheet to figure out how to use it. If you have questions, please see me during my
office hours. Once you enter the relevant information, the spreadsheet will calculate the answers
for you.
What to submit?
Please upload your VRP file with all the relevant entries and the answers a) to c) clearly stated.
Deadline is Wednesday, 18 August 2022, 23:55

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