Intercultural Communication

. [ ] are generalizations about some groups of people that oversimplify reality.
(2 points)
2. [ ] involve judgments (that is, they specify what is good or bad) and are
normative (that is, they state or imply what should be). (2 points)
3. Define intercultural communication and explain why we need to study it. (3 points)
4. Explain the term ethnocentrism by using some items/statements from Generalized
Ethnocentrism Scale (GENE). [GENE is included in our lecture slides.] (3 points)
5. Discuss the difference between prejudice and discrimination by using the studies we
discussed in class (hint: restaurants) as examples. (6 points)
6. Discuss how recent advances in communication technology (the internet, smartphones, social
media, etc.) have changed the way we understand intercultural communication. (6 points)
7. How does a researcher’s worldview influence how the person studies intercultural
communication? You should use the three major theoretical approaches we discussed in class
(functionalist, interpretive, and critical) to organize your ideas. (8 points

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