Read 3-5 essays from the book for each chapter – Context, Voices, Next Steps Write a 4-5 page paper (double-spaced) using essays that were selected Include quotes, opinions, sources, experiences, examples, etc. essays pertaining to classism will be listed below choose 3-5 of them for this paper. they can be found on google for you to read ● Class in America – Gregory Mantsios ● Class Dismissed – Laura Smith and Rebecca M. Redington ● Race, Wealth, and Equality – Melvin L. Oliver and Thomas M. Shapiro ● What’s Debt Got to Do with It? – Brett Williams ● At the Elite Colleges – Peter Schmidt ● Is the Near-Trillion-Dollar Student Loan Bubble About to Pop? – Sarah Jaffe ● Students with Disabilities: Financial Aid Policy Issues – Thomas R. Wolanin ● “Free” Labor: Past and Present Forms of Prison Labor – Whitney Benns ● Wealth Inequality – Pew Research Center ● Bonds of Sisterhood—Bonds of Oppression – Mary Romero ● White Poverty: The Politics of Invisibility – bell hooks ● The Laws That Sex Workers Really Want (TED Talk) – Juno Mac ● Born on Third Base – Chuck Collins ● Gentrification Will Drive My Uncle Out of His Neighborhood, and I Will Have Helped – Eric Rodriguez ● How Occupy Wall Street Changes Everything – Sarah van Gelder ● “Classism from Our Mouths” and “Tips from Working-Class Activists” – Betsy Leondar-Wright ● Deep Thoughts about Class Privilege – Karen Pittelman and Resource Generation ● Home Economics: The Invisible and Unregulated World of Domestic Work – National Domestic Workers Alliance ● Charts from United for a Fair Economy




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