Content – Relevant/ Related patient information • Known causes of the disease process • Clinical manifestations of the disease process • Pathophysiology and progression of the disease process • Diagnostic studies utilized in diagnosing and assessing the disease process and/or progression 20 pts Full Marks 0 pts No Marks 20 pts This criterion is linked …

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NR452 Capstone Course

Purpose The student previously analyzed their performance on the integrated comprehensive assessments and reflected on areas of opportunity and strategies to promote NCLEX-RN success and transition into practice. The student will now apply the priority concept (topic) to evidence-based professional practice upon which nurses have the ability to resolve or have a positive impact. There …

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Your Leadership Profile

Discussion 2: Your Leadership Profile Do you believe you have the traits to be an effective leader? Perhaps you are already in a supervisory role, but as has been discussed previously, appointment does not guarantee leadership skills. How can you evaluate your own leadership skills and behaviors? You can start by analyzing your performance in …

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Regulatory Accountability

The regulation of nursing practice is delineated within each state’s nurse practice act. Nurses are responsible for knowing and understanding how their practice is regulated by the state in which they are licensed. A nurse who practices beyond their state’s legal definition of nursing is subject to disciplinary action by the regulatory agency. Respond to …

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tell me what you think your talent is using Taylor’s list and give me your reason or reasons for this answer, tell me how your talent relates to the UDL system Universal Design Learning is a way to organize a class so all learning talents can be engaged, and those with different learning styles can …

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