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Midterm Essay

The midterm examination consists of 5 essay questions; each question is worth 20 points.  Each question and any subparts of the question must be answered.  The midterm should be 7-10 pages, double spaced, 1-inch margins.  The answer may exceed the page limitations.  This is not a group project.  Each student should work alone.  READ THE …

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crimes against people.

For this essay, you will focus on crimes against people. You will select one standard crime against persons such as assault; rape; kidnapping; battery; etc. Then research the elements that would need to be proven in court under English Common law ensuring that terms are defined. Then you should research a state for its statute(s) for …

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Analysis report for a company

You are an analyst at “Performance Lawn Equipment (PLE)”, a privately owned designer and producer of traditional lawn mowers. Your manager, Elizabeth Burke, has received several questions from other managers regarding operational performance and employee retention of the firm. Using statistical tools and analysis, she would like you to answer the questions below from the …

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Child Psychology

The Child in the Context of Family and Community — Requirement:  Type 6 full pages minimum — (Margin: 1 inch; Font Type and Size: Times New Roman, 12; Spacing: double).  May exceed 6 pages with no penalty.  Make sure your margins are one-inch on all sides. The ‘cover’ and ‘works cited/ reference’ pages do not …

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Personality and Fictional Characters: Idiographic and Nomothetic Descriptions

Personality and Fictional Characters: Idiographic and Nomothetic Descriptions In this assignment, you will describe the personality of a fictional character from a novel, play, movie, or television series. Unlike most of your other essay assignments, this assignment doesn’t require any searching for scientific articles or books. Instead, it involves only your own study of a …

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Overview The project you choose below will be submitted closer to the end of the course as the Health and Wellness Project: Project and Paper Assignment. However, you will need to make your choice of the three options below to complete the Health and Wellness Project: Topic and Rationale Assignment. Instructions Select one of the following formats …


Abstinence Activity

This paper will be reflective of a person addicted to a substance. It will help to give a glimpse of the feelings and thoughts that an addicted person experience when they quit or go without a substance for a period of time. Students will give up a substance such as caffeine (tea, coffee, chocolate), alcohol, …

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Article Summary and Reflection

1. Review of article 2. explain what role you believe action research has in school counseling. 3. Given the current scope or limitations of your counseling office what barriers or obstacles would be most evident? 4. What measures or steps would you take to overcome said barriers and obstacles?


How do you think of your personality? What do you like? What do you hope to modify about your personality? Discuss your Big 5 traits, what sub-categories are most notable to you and why. What did you learn about you? What does this suggest? Include each dimension within the four types of Myers Briggs. What …

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