Math has always been a difficult subject to master. Remember that mathematics is at the heart of many scientific investigations, including the study of our cosmos. Math is, in essence, as vital as any other subject you may need to study.

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Simulated Trading Game

Description   This is a Simulated Trading Game post-game report. The goal of the trading game is to examine the relationship between market structure and price formation process with heterogeneously informed participants. Here is some information about the trading games.     In the first game, it is a “LIT_LIT” market, that is, two venues …

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Mining Engineering team (ENSC3011 – Fundamentals of Mining Engineering students)

Memorandum To: Mining Engineering team (ENSC3011 – Fundamentals of Mining Engineering students) From: Adam Schwartzkopff, CEO, Possum Minerals Date: Wednesday 24 August 2022 Re: Loading and Haulage Fleet Study Dear Mining Engineering team, As you are probably aware, Possum Minerals has recently discovered the Ringtail gold deposit near Norseman WA and wishes to exploit it …

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R Markdown

DSCI5340 1 Homework 1 Read the instructions below before you start your analysis. 1. Create an R Markdown document to prepare your answers. You should upload two (2) files on Canvas: (i) an .RMD file; and (ii) a .PDF file that is generated using “knit” in the .RMD file. Both files should contain the required …

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Python code/output snippets

Submit your HW as a word or PDF file, with Python code/output snippets pasted as images. Part 1. 6 points Read Chapter 2 of Geron’s book. Open . Carefully review each line of code in the notebook and try to understand what it tries to achieve. Chapter 2 describes the entire ML project that …

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QHO543 Object Oriented Design and Development

  Southampton Solent University in Partnership with QAHE Coursework Assessment Brief AE1 Assessment Details   Module Title: Object Oriented Design and Development Module Code: QHO543 Module Leader: Dhouha Kbaier Level: 5 Assessment Title: Group Project – HitTastic! Assessment Number: AE1 Assessment Type: Software Development Restrictions on Time/Word Count: 5 min presentation; 200 word integration report …

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Hardening methodologies

Bachelor in Informatics Cybersecurity First Practical Assignment Delivery, on VirtualIPB. Deadline 15-05-2022 1 Objectives and Organization The assignment has the following main objectives: • Improve knowledge about systems vulnerabilities; • Gain knowledge on how to mitigate them; • Understand System Hardening methodologies; • Learn what mechanisms are available to support hardening; • Increase the confidence …

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