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1 The purpose of this course is to explore the Philippine Political System as it has gone through a transformation since the mid-1980s, after the People Power Revolution and the subsequent downfall of the Ferdinand Marcos regime. This course will investigate the moral struggles of achieving democracy, maintaining political stability, mitigating social inequality, and presidential …

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Does social media affect teenagers’ self-esteem?

Rhetorically analyzing a text requires that readers are able to analyze a text in terms of its audience, purpose, context and rhetorical strategies.  Rhetorical strategies, which include pathos, logos, and ethos, and metaphors/similes are essential in understanding how a speaker/writer achieves her purpose. Requirements for your paper: Times New Roman 4-5 full pages (roughly 1000-1500 …

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the business topic is – amazon research how one of the business’ competitors is using the Internet. Provide a description of the competitor’s use of the Internet: e.g., webpage, social media, mobile apps. Compare and contrast the way your business uses the Internet to how the competitor does. What seems to be the competitor’s strategy? …

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Global queer Activism

directly address (not summarize and form own analysis) all the essays or chapters assigned that week in their response, in a compelling, coherent manner, making connections between different ideas and providing original analysis. – Have a paragraph for each of the articles and then a paragraph about how they all connect

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