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Research Essay Assignment – Conspiracy Theories- Oh My!


For this next essay assignment, you will research a popular conspiracy theory. These theories have not been proven true due to the lack of concrete evidence, which is why they are still considered a theory. Your task is to select a popular conspiracy theory, provide background information on the theory for your reader, research the reasons behind the theory and then provide either the reason(s) why they are true or why they are false.

To put it simply, a conspiracy theory is an alternative explanation to an event. In order for a conspiracy theory to first begin, there has to be some lack of evidence or something that may not make sense. Unfortunately, what makes it a conspiracy and not reality is the lack of hard evidence. This is why it is difficult to prove a conspiracy theory.


These are important questions when looking at any conspiracy theory:

Does it make sense and/or is it reasonable?
Is there enough evidence to support the theory?
Does the conspiracy theory actually explain what happened?


Select one conspiracy theory.
Begin researching the theory.
EITHER Find reasons/sources to support the opinion that the theory is true OR find three reasons/sources to prove the theory is false.
Begin the rough draft of your essay.


Your essay should be a minimum of three (3) pages and a maximum of five (5) pages.
Your essay should have an introduction, at least three body paragraphs and a conclusion.
Your introduction must have a thesis statement that indicates a clear, reason(s) for your theory.
Double-space your essay
Type your essay
Write in third person (one/he/she/it/they/their) No I or you
Include a captivating title
Indent each paragraph
Keep paragraphs balanced (include the approximate number of sentences in each)
ALL sources needed to be cited accordingly to MLA or APA style

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