THE GLASS MENAGERIE, by Tennessee Williams, 1944

Describe Tom’s aspirations and dilemmas. How does he initially try to reconcile the conflicting demands of his dreams and his sense of responsibility to his family? What does he decide to do at the end of the play? Is he successful in his final attempt at escaping from his family? What significant symbols does the author use to illustrate Tom’s struggle?

State your thesis clearly at the end of the introduction.
Use topic sentences to start your body paragraphs.
Analyze examples from the play to support your interpretation.
In each body paragraph, use one or two short quotes from the play to support your analysis. Use appropriate in-text citation format.
Incorporate comments from at least three secondary sources in relevant parts of the paper.
Write a title for your essay.
Write a works cited page in MLA format, including the play and the required three secondary sources.

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