School safety about school shootings

Write an introductory paragraph that introduces the issue and briefly summarizes the three positions on the issue. Make sure that there is a clear thesis statement, which consists of your identifying the three most widely held points of view on the issue. Do not merely give three reasons to support your position. Instead, you are providing the reader with three different points of view regarding your particular issue.
How to Write the Exploratory Essay

Section One:

A. Begin by explaining the issue you are focusing on. What is the issue? Why is it important?  What key information does the reader need in order to understand the perspectives you are going to share in the body of the essay?

B. Briefly preview the three perspectives on the issue that you are going to discuss in the body of the essay. Do not go into extensive detail here, but instead try to describe the relationship  among the three perspectives. When you acknowledge and present the three perspectives, this is your thesis!

Section Two:

A. Spend one or two substantial paragraphs explaining each perspective on the issue. Note that the body section of the essay will be a minimum of three paragraphs long.

B. Focus on the perspective, not the author or the article that supports the perspective. For instance, you should begin the paragraph with a topic sentence that describes the perspective, not the article

Section Three:

A. Discuss which of the three perspectives you find the most persuasive and why. This should be a significant discussion. You should provide several reasons why you hold the perspective that you do.


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