Qualitative Descriptive

Consider the specific language designated and as indicative of qualitative research.
Write a paper research paper in which you discuss the data sources and data analysis options for conducting your proposed research study using a qualitative descriptive design. Include the following in your discussion:
1.    Using the problem statement, purpose statement, and research questions in the attached document for conducting your potential research study as a qualitative descriptive study.
2.    A description of potential data sources for the study. Use language appropriate to a qualitative descriptive design.
3.    A description of potential data analysis approaches for the study. Use language appropriate to a qualitative descriptive design.
4.    A discussion of how well these potential data sources and analysis approaches align with the previously developed qualitative descriptive components of the potential research study.
5.    An analysis of the fit and alignment of this design to the proposed problem statement, purpose statement, research questions, data sources, and data analysis approaches. Do you believe this is a reasonable design for addressing your study topic? Why or why not?
6.    Support your research paper with at least 8 empirical scholarly studies.

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