Public Awareness Project

Instructions Throughout the course, you have been examining the intersection of behavioral and social science and public health. Theories that address individuals, communities, and the larger public health system were considered. You have reflected on and discussed how each component affects the development and implementation of high-quality programs. This project asks you to examine many of the theories that you read about; consider some real-life situations that have occurred or are occurring in the United States and pose some solutions. The interactive map identifies places in the United States that have been challenged by serious public health issues: Public Health Issues in the United States The main issue identified in each geographic location is just one of many public health issues there. To begin, what other issues (public health or social/ behavioral) are facing this community? How has the identified issue made this problem worse (or perhaps better)? What are/were the short-term strategies to ameliorate the problem(s)? What are the long-term strategies to “solve” the problem(s)? What types of resources are needed to address the short- and long-term solutions? As you develop your response, please be sure to consider topics like the following: Social determinants of health Individual choice Social support Stigma Culture and ethnicity Community role Political context Infrastructure Steps for completing your comprehensive public awareness project: Choose an issue from the interactive map or identify a different issue. Choose a target audience for your presentation. This could include various stakeholders, community groups, service providers, a vulnerable population, etc.

Create a 5-10 minute presentation for the target audience. The precise content and goals of your presentation should be informed by your target audience, but should be informative and evidence-based, and summarize the issue, causes, affected populations, possible interventions, and so on. Create a press briefing for local media. The press briefing should include the following: Contact information A compelling and/or concise headline or subject line Facts and figures Ample white space Background information Straightforward, informative writing Create a communication (email, letter) with local stakeholders (local government, health department, parks/rec, gyms, etc.), including those who are impacted negatively. Identify the issue, explain the action needed to be taken, timeline, and who else needs to be involved. 200-300 words. Upload your Public Awareness Project to this assignment.


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