Philosophical and Ethical Foundations


Please submit your nursing interventions topic here. Do not submit the paper here.

Each student is to complete a nursing interventions written assignment in this course. The content should focus on nursing interventions for a specific medical diagnosis. Topics must be approved by the course instructor. Students who fail to submit a topic to the course instructor by the date noted will be assigned a topic by the course instructor. Content must include the

Title Page
Introductory paragraph
Description of at least four (4) appropriate nursing interventions utilized in caring for
a client with the disease or condition. A detailed analysis and discussion of each
intervention should be included.
Reference to current research evidence, regulatory guideline and/or professional
recommendation supporting the identified nursing interventions.
Concluding paragraph
Reference page
The majority of this paper should be about specific nursing interventions that a nurse can use to
aid a client with a specific illness. This paper must be:

4-8 pages
12-point Times New Roman font
correct APA format.
Page requirements apply to the body of the paper only. The title page and reference page are not included in the page count. No abstract is required for this paper. Students must:

cite a minimum of 3 resources
One resource must be from a journal,
one from a textbook or professional source, and
the third is the student’s choice.

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