MGMT 6086 – 03 Mediation Simulation Preparation

Hello everyone, it’s great to have both for this discussion. I am Patel Krupal, and this is Vishnu
Prashad. We will be your mediators for today’s discussion.
The main goal of this discussion is to assist you in coming up with solutions for all the issues
that has been growing between the parties.
Firstly, we would like to explain how we are going to pursue this as mediators. We will do our
best to find how it works successfully between the parties. Following that, we will identify and
agree on the source from which the conflict happened. Then we’ll figure out the wants of both the
sides and finally attain the goal of the negotiation. Our goal is to discover a solution that would
make you both feel at ease.
You can both take a break at any moment during the session. For example, if you notice yourself
becoming agitated and feel the need to take a break, let us know and we will give you some
space. We will ask you to let us know what is going on before you leave and will continue the
discussion after everything becomes fine. During our discussions, it can be beneficial for us as
mediators to have a conversation with both the parties separately.
Each of you must sign a formal agreement to mediate for this process to proceed. If you could
just have a look at it, that would be great. It basically states that you have come on your own
accord and the conversation will be recorded and stored. The mediators are not required to share
any material discussed here, nor will they be called to testify in court on things disclosed here.
Finally, we would like to remind you not to interrupt when the other person is speaking. We have
set paper and pencil on the table for you to take notes on any responses you may have. We would
also ask you to promise to refrain from using abusive language. These rules will be crucial in the
following section of our discussion.
We would like to start by hearing from everyone to share their perspective on this matter. Is it
okay with you if we start with your name, given that Ari? We will hear your issue once Ari has
completed his side of the conversation. If there are any points with which you disagree as Ari
speaks, make a note of them, and express your point of view when it is your turn, Frankie.
Alright lets starts with your issue Ari.
Ari: My primary concern with Frankie is that I have more work and responsibility than he does,
and I believe a lot of tasks are not distributed evenly. I believe we should share equal
Mediator: Ok Frankie! Do you want to say anything about this statement by Ari?
Frankie: I would like to speak about this issue from my perspective.
Mediator: Alright, Frankie! It’s your turn now.
Frankie: I believe he has a problem with me and does not like the way I perform at my work.
I’ve been working hard for this company, and Ari does not even respect me for working such
hard for this concern.
Mediator: Ari! Do you want to talk anything about Frankie’s accusation?
Ari: I don’t think I have some problem with you what I am saying is that our work and
responsibility is not equally divided.
Mediator: Alright Ari, we have understood your concern.
Mediator: Ok, so you each stated you concerns, Ari you said that you feel inequitable in terms
of job duties and Frankie you said that he does not like you and he does not understand how
much work you do here. So, lets have brainstorming session that, what are the solutions and
alternatives to the problem, and I am just going to takes some notes with your ideas, what are
some things that we could do to work this out.
Ari: I think there must be some clear description of our job responsibilities and separate the job
duties according to our strengths.
Mediator: What will be the solution from your side Frankie?
Frankie: I think we need a proper communication between us, so that Ari can understand what I
am saying, and I can understand what he is saying.
Mediator: Ok, so how would you communicate and what would you want to talk about?
Frankie: We can have a conversation regarding our work after every shift. So that we can
understand each other’s difficulties at work.
Mediator: Okay. Ari what is your say on this?
Ari: We can have weekly meetings to debrief on what we plan to do this week and how we can
split our work based on our areas of expertise.
Mediator: So, first and foremost, you state that you want a clear job description of your
responsibilities, as well as a weekly meeting where you debrief over the week and can see what
has been done, as well as have more conversation with each other and know more about what is
to be done based on our expertise.
Ari: Yes!
Frankie: Yes, exactly!
Mediator: Okay, I’d like to thank you both for talking and figuring this out, and I’ve written
down everything you said in this agreement, which I’d like to review thoroughly before each of
you signs it.
Mediator: Alright, if you any problem with this, just let us know
Ari: Okay.
Frankie: Okay.
Mediator: Okay, thank you and congrats on coming to an agreement after solving all the

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