International Marketing

Goal Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Excellent Total
Demonstrates knowledge of market segmentation Does not identify target with demographics Identifies target market with specific data Clearly identifies target market and market size  
Identifies market entry strategy Does not explain market entry strategy Explains market entry strategy with specific method Explains market entry strategy congruent to market dynamics  
Promotion Does not explain logical promotion methods (i.e. internet in the third world) Describes clear promotional strategy specific to market Provides a logical and congruent strategy that matches brand image  
Product Product does not match demographic Selects a product that matches target demographics Product matches demographic and distribution channels  

Project Outline for International Marketing


The goal of this project is to assess your ability to synthesize the subject matter from the course and apply it to a real world situation. The Paper will be composed of three sections and each section will be presented both separately and as a complete whole. The Sections and what they should include are listed below.

You May not select Mexico as a target country


Country Sketch: (20%)

Provide critical information regarding a foreign country:

  • Culture
  • Political
  • Demographics
  • Legal
  • Religion
  • Economics
  • Technology


Do a brief description of a U.S. company and summarize their: (20%)

  • Mission or strategic goal
  • Product
  • Marketing Strategies


Incorporate the two sections by diagnosing the appropriate method for your selected company to enter the selected country.

  • Compare and contrast similarities and differences between the cultures and determine the appropriate marketing strategy and promotional messages (25%)
  • Determine the appropriate market entry strategy. Focusing on political, legal and economic factors and distribution channel factors. (25%)


The paper should be as complete as possible but no less than twelve double spaced pages.

It is also critical that you cite all references. Not doing so is considered plagiarism and will render your paper unacceptable.

(General writing and layout 10%)


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