BUS 110 Career and Business Inquiry Rationale

Career and Business Focus
I am currently a sophomore in college enrolled in the associates transfer degree
program, for business and administrative. I want to be able to also do translation so I’m
trying to minor in either language or communications. When I was a senior in highschool
I was accepted into both colleges I applied to, Agricultural and Technology University,
also known as A&T, as well as North Carolina Central University, or NCCU. They are
both Historically Black Colleges, HBCUs, and were both my first two choices. I chose to
go to A&T and my major was Nursing. The entire summer I was having mixed feelings
about my major and really what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, because High
School is almost over. About a couple weeks after my celebration of graduating my last
year of highschool and entering the adult world, I noticed I did not want to be a nurse,
and I want to save the most money I can, to not be so drastically deep on student debt.
So the week before going off to college I decided the best option for mewas to enroll at
Central Piedmont Community College and to get all of my prerequisites out of the way
before I transfer to a 4-year university. That way, I saved thousands of dollars and could
go to Central Piedmont for free because of my grades, scholarships, and financial aid
help, an earn my associates degree but will also receive my bachelors in 4 years and
have 2 degrees rather than just one if I was to originally start out at a university. After
contemplating and thinking for a very long time I decided to get a degree in business
and administration. I chose business and administrative because that degree opens
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many doors for me to get multiple jobs, in multiple different fields. I know that I will
receive my bachelors degree, however I’m not sure if I will continue with college to get
my masters. Once I find the career that I know suits the best for me, if it does require a
masters and maybe doctors, I will continue my education and get those degrees. The
type of work I want to pursue would allow me to enjoy what I’m doing, and be able to
travel. I want the career I choose to make six figures if not close to it. The job can be
very hands on or on computers, and I want to be in a field where the job is very high in
Career Coach Research Findings
After I completed the career coach assessment my 3 traits were social, artistic,
and conventional. The social trait I feel like it does resemble my personality, but only to
an extent. Yes, I can be very outgoing, like cooperating and working with others, and
very concerned and empathetic to others feelings, as well as finding interest in
philosophical situations, finding the purpose to life, morality, religion etc. However I do
not feel like I have to be the center of attention every second and want to always be in
charge or the boss, or always want to be the one to guide either. I feel like If I have an
amazing mentor and teaches me with creativity good tactics I would be great at working
alone or helping groups, but of course if I get the opportunity to move up or get that
chance I would most definitely take that role. Artistic was my second trait that I received
on the career coach assessment. Some descriptions of being artistic are very creative,
individualistic, and original. I used to play the piano, drums, and percussion instruments
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growing up and went to an arts school. I would tend to stand out from the crowd in most
settings I was placed in. I tend to be impulsive in my decisions, which is ironic because
of how much I overthink. I also express my feelings and am comfortable with telling
people how I feel the majority of the time. Conventional, was my third trait I received on
the career coach assessment. Examples of someone conventional are well-organized,
practical in their approach in life, and persistent. I am extremely organized when it
pertains to me using time management and knowing when to complete certain projects
because of how I know to stay on track. I am extremely practical when approaching life
situations and being responsible. I feel people my age don’t understand the concept of
time and how it truly works. They are so caught up in the moment and in the present,
they can not see how decisions that are being made now, will have such an enormous
impact on their life in the future. Which is why I feel like I have to make the perfect
decision on my career now and what I chose to do for the rest of my life or at least for a
long period of time, so I don’t regret the choice i chose now in the future wishing that I
chose a different field knowing I cant turn that clock and do it all over again.
Conventional describes me because I’m extremely practical and think about my life
choices and how it will affect me in my future.
I have taken a long time deciding my career and I came down to five different
careers I could see myself pursuing. Those five careers are Software engineer,
Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, Occupational Health and Safety Technicians,
Environmental engineer, and a traveling translator. Software engineering I have started
to get really interested in as a great career. I started to look into it first hand because of
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the salary and how there are always hundreds of annual job openings. The average
salary for a software engineer ranges from $93,985 to $130,000, and software
engineers with many years of experience make up to $150,000 plus. While doing my
research on software engineers life on a day to day basis, I noticed that they are
extremely flexible with their schedule and they get to really take the time to enjoy their
lives and not having their whole lives be so devoted to work and they get to make their
own schedules, especially when they work remotely from home or only have to go into
the office once or twice a week. Becoming a Diagnostic Medical Sonographers would
be my second option as my career if I chose not to pursue software engineering. A
diagnostic medical sonographer correlates with ultrasound technicians in the medical
field. Diagnostic Sonographer’s range from $75,000 to $95,000, and well experienced
sonographers’ salaries can go up to $100,000 to $112,000 plus. There are also many
traveling job offers that make great money and get to work in not just the city or town
you live with. I am interested in this job because it is high in demand for annual job
offers, and only requires an associate’s degree, following great money just starting out
after getting your degree. I also feel like I would enjoy working as a diagnostic medical
sonographer, personally I would want to be in the field where I can look at growing
fetuses and getting to be part of the journey of creating a life. As I was doing my
research in careers I came across Occupational Health and Safety Technicians. These
technicians analyze data and come up with procedures to prevent bad accidents or
situations that can become unsafe or put you at risk. The average salary for a health
technician is roughly $42,000 annually, and some high rank technicians for OSHA go up
to $97,000 plus. Although there is a downside to this career because the demand for
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this position is very low. I found interest in this career because you can travel around to
different businesses and really just give guides, procedures and rules to keep workers
and or customers/ consumers safe, and make a good amount of money for it.
Environmental engineers caught my eye because you can help figure out ways to
improve the world,ecosystems, mother nature, habitats, and even species.
Environmental engineers corporate with hazardous technicians, specialists, engineers,
and scientists to help evaluate environmental issues. I took interest in this career
because you would get to discover or work on new issues everyday, and get to
experience real issues or new findings first hand. It’s a really unique career and I feel
like I would enjoy myself going to work everyday. The average salary for an
Environmental Engineer is $80,242 annually, and entry-level jobs start at around
$55,853, an expert- experienced engineer’s salary can reach up to $150,663 plus. The
demand is not the highest for job openings, however If the demand for jobs does increase, I
could see myself in that career field. Originally before I really did deep research into careers
I potentially see myself pursuing, I was extremely interested in being a traveling translator. I
wanted to translate from spanish to english where I could travel to different countries and
resorts, helping people communicate. Unfortunately I had to change my mindset because
they don’t really make much money. I have been told that your career should not be all
about money and to pick something that you feel you would enjoy yourself doing everyday.
However I have to think more radically and think about life situations, and I don’t want to
start out at the entry level only making $25,000, or only have had a couple of years of
experience, making less than $39,000 a year. I still love the concept of this career, and if I
was to get to make lots of money to travel and help people communicate for lots of money I
would most definitely consider taking that role.
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Potential Higher Educational Pursuits
To become a software engineer, they only require a bachelor’s degree and that
would set you in for the job. Normally companies don’t care for a masters or doctoral
degree, however of course the more experience you have, the more money you will
receive. Diagnostic medical sonographers only require an associates degree and your
salary would start out roughly $55,000 to $70,000 a year. If you receive a bachelors or
masters in this field you can be eligible to specialize in neuro sonography, gynecology,
breast, abdominal etc. Salaries for these sonographers can range from $75,00 to
$100,000 plus. Occupational Health and Safety Technicians require a bachelor’s
degree, if technicians earn a master’s degree their salary ranges from $109,227 to
$119,849. With that master degree these technicians can become safety managers, air
quality specialists, health policy analysts etc. The required degree to become an
Environmental engineer is a bachelor’s degree, someone that received a masters
degree can have a salary from $75,000 plus. Environmental engineers with a masters
can earn career roles that deal with climate change, waste management etc. To become
an interpreter and translator, they require a bachelor’s degree. An interpreter and
translator that earns their master degree can earn between $53,685 to $57,810, and
can become professionals in terminologists, localizers etc.
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