BMM645 International Marketing

A1 Poster & Annotated Discussion (80%)
You are required to produce an A1 PowerPoint poster to present your
international marketing proposition on your chosen company.
The poster and annotations that you produce should demonstrate that you can achieve
the first two learning outcomes of the module, i.e. That you can:
I. Analyse and apply factors that impact upon strategic internationalization
II. Critically evaluate and make recommendations on the application of the
marketing mix in international contexts.
Presenting your conclusions and recommendations on a poster will enable you to
communicate succinctly and clearly in writing, and to use engaging visuals.
The poster will be A1 size. (W:594mm H:841mm)
Please watch this video on how to create a poster in PowerPoint:

The poster and its annotations should include the following:
1. Select three possible countries as contenders. Use supporting evidence,
appropriate international marketing theory and relevant frameworks to support
your shortlist.
2. Based on country analysis and cross-comparison, select, and recommend the
most suitable country to focus on. Ensure you include logical arguments and
supporting evidence for your choice.
3. Identify and justify your segmentation, targeting and positioning for the proposed
4. Recommend a suitable market entry mode(s) and justify your choice.
5. Propose an appropriate marketing mix strategy that complements your market
entry strategy.
It is recommended that you present the poster in a chronological style from the top to the
bottom of the poster. It should be visually attractive and have concise annotated
discussion throughout with supporting data. All annotations should be referenced. The
references list should be included in a text box at the bottom of the poster.
To include annotations in the poster you should use text boxes. You can also insert
charts, tables, and other visuals. This can include suitable infographics that are referenced
from reputable sources rather than obscure websites. You are also strongly encouraged to
create some original infographics, charts and tables in Excel or PowerPoint which are
compiled from different sources. This demonstrates analytical skills and the ability to
synthesise data from different sources and it ensures greater originality in your work. You
should not just rely on ready-made sources in marketing and you will be expected to
present your own data effectively. Always ensure that the visual components of the poster
are supported by annotated commentary that guides the reader and provides more
detailed analysis. It is good to expand discussion in the annotations by using an effective
and concise style of narrative.
Remember this is a both an analytical and creative exercise.
Reflective statement (20%)
The reflective statement should demonstrate than you can achieve the third learning
outcome of the module, i.e. That you can:
• Reflect upon the development of your professional skills during the module
Your reflective statement should be no more than 1000 words. It should be written in the
same PowerPoint file by adding another slide (Title & Content) below the poster. Please
use a regular reading font, size 12 with 1.5 spacing. You should also use Harvard
referencing and include a short references list. It is advisable to write the reflective
statement after you have completed the poster. You should evaluate your experience of
working on the assignment in the following areas:
I. Demonstrate how the assessment exercise contributed to the
development of your analytical skills in marketing. Try to be specific in
what types of skills rather than being generic. This will be discussed in
future webinars to help you develop more specific reflection.
II. Discuss how the entire International Marketing module has influenced
your future career aspirations based on Schein’s Career Anchors
Line Spacing:
(If this is a PowerPoint presentation you may include details such as length of time of the
presentation or number of slides or the fact that a copy of the slides must be submitted for
assessment etc.)
Submission Date & Time:
Date (12:00)
Assessment Weighting for the Module: 100%
Assessment Criteria
Poster & Annotations
Country analysis & selection
Segmentation, targeting & positioning
Entry mode(s)
Recommended marketing mix strategies
Reflective statement
Demonstrated a high level of critical selfawareness
Provided specific examples as evidence
Application of Schein & future career aspects
Advice and support for students with disabilities, including ongoing health conditions and
learning differences:
Academic support, including one to one sessions, with the Aston’s Learning Development
English language support with The Centre for English Language and Communication at
Essential Reading for Coursework Task
Please refer to the module reading list on the Blackboard site and to the assessment
guide that will be published in due course.

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