BADM 110 – Business Communications with Technology

Instructions:  Review and complete each step below.  FOR EACH STEP, PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK.  DO NOT JUST SEND ME THE COMPLETED LETTER. 


Scenario:  You work in the distribution center for a chain of retail clothing stores.  You have only had this job for 6 months and have not had the opportunity to meet many of the store managers. This summer’s hot style is a particular pair of capri pants.  It is only late June, but Monica, the manager of one of your stores, has sold out of the capri pants and is requesting her second shipment this summer.  Because of the popularity of this item at all your stores, you can send her only one final shipment that has half of the pairs she requested.


You do have a style of shorts that is selling well this summer and you want her to display those, so you will be sending a shipment of these Wallflower shorts even though Monica has not asked for them.


You know Monica will be disappointed that she will not be getting enough of the best-selling pair of capri pants.  Exceeding sales goals results In Monica and her employees earning bonuses and other rewards and the sales of the capri pants has helped drive her sales.


Step 1: Analyze Your Audience (10 Points)

Before you create your letter to Monica, please type your answer to the following questions:

  • What is your relationship TO Monica? Monica is a customer buying my clothing product
  • What is your relationship WITH Monica? Someone to calibrate to sell my product to
  • What is Monica’s likely reaction to your message? Monica will be upset and open minded to the product change.
  • What do the answers to questions 1-3 lead you to conclude about your tone, style, and organizational approach for your response to Monica? The style that I presented to Monica will likely show knowledge about the decision in sending the box of capri will come off as risky and


Step 2: Organize Your Message to Monica (10 Points)

Below is a list of short paragraphs and individual sentences that make up a bad news message to Monica denying her request to order more capri pants.  Please reorder the sentences to create a message to Monica.  (You will notice some punctuation and word choice errors.  Ignore these for now.)  Note that since this is a bad news message, the INDIRECT APPROACH should be used.  To reorder the sentences, simply provide the numbers of the sentences below in the appropriate order.   DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE THIS INTO A LETTER FORMAT YET.  JUST PROVIDE A CORRECT NUMBER SEQUENCE FOR THESE SENTENCES. (EXAMPLE ANSWER: 8,1,3,5,2, etc.)  Providing a number sequence of the sentences below is all that is required in this step. 

You must use ALL the sentences except for the one that contains the apology.  You can choose to include that sentence or not.  In making your decision, be sure to consider whether an apology is necessary for your audience, context and your purpose in writing.

  1. Thank you for your efforts to drive sales in our women’s department, we look forward to a successful summer season.
  2. The buyer has been able to secure additional quantities of capris, but the manufacturer does not have enough product for all stores to have there requests fulfilled for additional stock.
  3. You will receive 16 pairs of capris buy the first week of July (Purchase Order 2013-010).
  4. The unseasonably warm spring weather lead to excellent early sales on capris. When they were initially shipped to all our stores.
  5. We have received your request for 32 pairs of additional women’s denim capris sizes 0-14 for store 010 they have been one of our company’s sellers this summer at all of our store locations.
  6. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not anticipate having more to available to ship, until mid-August due to a shortage of raw materials.
  7. Because of the limited supply and large demand, we are distributing the remaining stock based on the following criteria: store size, store location, sales volume, and the order in which we received the requests.
  8. You will; however, receive Purchase Order #10388298. This order contains six cartons of Wallflower shorts to feed your excellent sales of all our summer lines, these will ship on June 27, but won’t arrive until July 9.
  9. I am very sorry for the inconvenience this causes. Monica


Step 3: Revise the letter (10 Points)

Even though your message is more organized from step 2 above, it contains some errors.  Edit your message by simply revising the sentences.  Show your work.  Be sure to note the following:

  1. Insert or remove commas to reflect standard comma use.
  2. Correct the one semi-colon error.
  3. Correct the one colon error.
  4. Correct the three word-choice errors.
  5. Fix the sentence fragment.
  6. Fix the comma splice error.
  7. Fix the run-on sentence.
  8. Revise the two instances of negative language so the tone is more positive.


Step 4: Complete your letter (10 Points)

Please put your newly created sentences in a letter format.  Remove the sentence numbering that was left in the steps above.  Be sure to use letter format including an appropriate heading, date, salutation, body and closing.

Then add one additional paragraph, within an appropriate place in the letter, that tells Monica more specifically how successful the Wallflower shorts have been.  Include appropriate verbiage as well as a chart that shows sales volumes in 2021 as follows: February $10,000, March $52,000, April $97,000, and May $187,000.


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