Analytical Support for Decision Making

Analytical Support for Decision Making Individual Assignment 2021-22




This assignment accounts for 100% of the overall mark for the ASDM Class.


The aims of the assignment are to engender a good understanding of, and skills in, the following aspects of the ASDM class:

  • Using a spreadsheet to make sense of data;
  • Conducting and interpreting statistical analyses on a data set of reasonable size;
  • Using appropriate analysis techniques to structure and inform a
  • Presenting your analyses in visual and written form;


The report for this assignment should have three parts. The division of marks and a page length guide for the three parts is summarised below. All parts are compulsory, and each part focuses on a different set of skills. For Part 2 and Part 3 there are multiple problems, and students should answer only one problem from the available options. Students will not receive an overall mark unless a credible attempt is submitted for each part. If students submit answers to multiple problems from parts 2 or 3, only the first problem answered in each case will be marked.


The overall report length must not exceed 8 pages, including appendices. Each part has a strict page limit (detailed below), which should comprise of two sections:

  • A summary section: this is expected to be brief and concise, and be targeted at a senior manager whose knowledge of statistics and analysis is very limited. It should clearly identify the problem you have tackled, describe the approach you have taken to address the problem, identify any issues or limitations in your analysis, and provide any concluding recommendations that directly address the Note that figures may be included in the summary if these help to communicate your findings, however, it is expected that most figures will be presented in the appendix section.
  • A technical appendix section: this should provide all evidence that is necessary to support your summary, and to provide confidence that you have taken a robust approach to the problem. This should include appropriate levels of detail on the approach that you have taken, and show any charts, diagrams, and tables that support your summary. Any assumptions you have made with your analysis should be clearly stated and justified as appropriate. Any modelling decisions you have made should be justified as


  Description Marks Page Guide
Part 1 Technical Report on Exploratory Analysis 40 3 pages including: one summary section, and one technical appendix section with any charts,

diagrams, tables

Part 2 Technical Report on Statistical Analysis Methods 30 2 pages including: one summary section, and one

technical appendix section with any charts, diagrams, tables

Part 3 Technical report on Decision Analysis Methods 30 3 pages including: one summary section, and one technical appendix section with any charts,

diagrams, tables


Note: we assume a page to be A4, single-spaced, 11 point characters – i.e. around 300 words.

Each student should submit one report. You should also include where applicable:

  • A copy of any Excel files used for your
  • A copy of any VISA files used for your

Note that the Excel and VISA files will not be marked, but are required to demonstrate that the analysis you report on has actually been conducted.



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