Personal Learning Plan: Professionalism

Use THE FOLLOWING GUIDE TO develop a personal and professional growth project.  Personal/Professional Growth Plan:

What prompted you to develop this plan? My Goal to become Nursing
What is the general area for improvement? I am improving myself each day to become the person I want to be by setting goal and working hard to meet.
What is specific issue for improvement?  Be prepared and discovery time to do things on time
Why is this important to you? My goal is to pass the Exit exam and graduate.
How do you generally act in these areas? I am doing each day revising the content of each subject
What are your goals? To continue studying and pass the exit exam
What strategies are required? The strategies I use right now is recalling the content and doing practice question.
Who/what is necessary to meet your goals with this strategy?  

By giving enough time for my study and being on time for my assignments.

How will you measure success/failure with this effort? I measure my success by meeting up everyday goal and studying as I planned
How will you reflect and capture the lesson from this effort that can be generalized to other circumstances? I believe this experience will help me to become the capable nurse in the future.

Exercises p. 20

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