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Tips on Australian Essay Writing style

Whenever it comes to how to write an essay, each country has its distinct style. In Australia, you are expected to follow an essay writing style similar to that in the UK or USA. If you don’t know how to go about it, here are the top tips for the Australian essay writing style.

Understand The Question

Ensure that you answer the question that you were required to answer. You don’t want to waste time answering a question you weren’t asked.  First, read the questions several times and underline the main instructions.

There are three main types of keywords

  • Limiting keywords narrow your area of focus and tell you where to look specifically
  • Content keywords are words that inform your topic
  • Task keywords will tell you how to answer a question, i.e., contrast, define, evaluate, etc

Understanding and jotting down these keywords will help you have a clear picture of what you are expected to deliver or write.

  • To help the reader remember how your argument addresses the topic posed, strive to repeat parts of your content and use fewer words throughout your essay
  • You may be given the option to select a specific definition of a key term in some essay questions. If so, be extremely explicit about the definition you’ll be using.


You must show that you understand the academic talk about your essay topic. This is basically what other scholars have said or talked about the subject matter at hand.

You should reference their work as a method of cementing your perspective or ideas. What do you think about the available literature on the essay topic? Do you agree or disagree?

How does the available literature handle the issues raised in your essay? That is why you need to engage in deep and logical background research.

  • If you are stuck on your research, go to your essay question and look for the references list in the instructions. This should give you an idea of what to read on
  • Use the keywords discussed above to go through the online library or google scholar
  • Ensure that you understand the referencing format required and stick to it from the beginning to the end of your essay. You don’t want to waste time looking for your references later.

Follow the basic structure

Although essay instructions may vary from subject to subject, all essays contain the basic structure, i.e., introduction, body, and conclusions. Each of these sections serves a distinct purpose


  • Introduce your topic
  • Define key terms
  • Briefly, discuss the main points of contention surrounding your topic
  • Don’t be mysterious – explain what you’re going to argue and how you will do it


  • The body of the essay is made up of different paragraphs. Each paragraph should be devoted to addressing a particular issue or theme.  Unless your teacher has requested something specific, it’s up to you to theme your paragraphs and how long you want them to be.
  • Begin by writing down your main arguments or themes and then decide the most logical order to present them. You want your essay argument to ‘flow’ naturally from one idea to the next.
  • Paragraphs have their general structure:
    • Statement – Start with a sentence that demonstrates the paragraph’s main idea
    • Elaboration– Go into further supporting detail of your idea
    • Example – If you can, give an example that supports your argument
    • Explain – Explain the significance of your point in this paragraph to your overall argument


The conclusion can be short and sweet – you shouldn’t be introducing new ideas into your conclusion.  Instead, you should:

  • Begin by referencing the essay question
  • Re-state the main argument
  • Explain how the arguments you’ve made directly answer the essay question
  • Be confident in your conclusion and finish with a strong statement

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Australian Essay Writing Service


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Types of Australian Essay Writing Services

 We have been providing the best essay writing services in Australia for some time and can attest that we offer a wide range of Aussie essay writing services that will immediately eliminate your academic troubles. Some of the types of essays we can help you with are: 

 Argumentative Essay Help

 For the given subject, the students must develop a solid case. Our skilled Australian essay service writers can help you construct an argument and bolster it with credible data to produce an essay of the highest caliber. 

Persuasive Essay Help 

This essay aims to persuade the audience that your position on the matter at hand is the most rational one. Our essay writer service in Australia can write persuasive pieces that entirely convert readers. 

Analysis Essay Help 

You must critically analyze and review a specific piece of writing for this essay. Our Australian essay writing services will carefully examine the topic and then craft an essay to your specifications. 

Personal Essay Help 

In personal essay assignments, students must discuss a significant occasion, person, or experience that affected their lives. The goal is to adequately and emotionally connect with the audience by describing this circumstance or person. 

Our Australia essay writing service can provide essential assistance and create an essay that satisfies your needs if you are struggling to prepare the essay or put your thoughts on paper. 

Descriptive Essay Help 

Students should describe a location, a circumstance, a trip, or a person in this essay. This kind of essay requires a great deal of creative writing talent and extensive language understanding. 

The most OK people to turn to in this case are writing specialists who can lead your thoughts and skills in the proper directions and assist you in producing a fantastic piece of work. 

Narrative Essay 

These pieces aim to present a tale engagingly. Writers of source essays assist you in quickly organizing your ideas and crafting a compelling narrative. 

Admission Essay 

Students must submit an admissions essay to be admitted to any prestigious university. Your chances of enrolling in the college of your dreams may never come true if you cannot write an amazing essay. 

However, with essay writers from at your disposal, you may create a superb essay and complete your college application task.

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