Academic Integrity

There is a global movement toward individual learning approaches that facilitate higher education. AustralianEssayHelp shares in it. We describe our approach in this paper. We believe that trafficking in academic materials has no legitimate purpose and harms students, academic communities, and the public by undermining the academic process, and we believe that it is not permitted on AustralianEssayHelp. Furthermore, AustralianEssayHelp Experts may not assist students in academic dishonesty by helping them to cheat, receive grades for papers written by Experts, or receive degrees for theses and dissertations written by AustralianEssayHelp experts.


An AustralianEssayHelp Expert cannot assist a student in cheating, stealing, or violating the academic policies of the institution he or she attends. AustralianEssayHelp Experts are also forbidden from grading assignments or taking exams for students. If AustralianEssayHelp Experts are discovered to have aided a student in cheating, they will be immediately terminated from the company.



Message To Parents and Teachers


AustralianEssayHelp’s global educational mission is one that both parents and teachers should take part in. We believe that the future of education will be based on personalized learning as well as learning from samples. We hope that you, as a teacher, will encourage your students to make the most of AustralianEssayHelp by sharing classroom material. We hope that you will encourage your students to improve their learning and skills by using the free tools, samples, and products provided by the AustralianEssayHelp team. You will not prevent your students from using the resources and materials offered by AustralianEssayHelp experts during the learning process.



It’s not permitted for an AustralianEssayHelp Expert to provide tutorial help in the preparation, research, or writing of a dissertation, thesis, term paper, essay, report, or other written assignment, or, under the circumstances having reason to know that the assignment is intended for submission to an educational institution in fulfilment of degree, diploma, certificate, or course of study requirements, to intentionally or negligently assist a student in completing such assignment. As a parent, you must: Provide your child with financial aid in order to improve their academic performance by ordering custom samples – Products. Motivate your child to use the samples and tools provided by AustralianEssayHelp as a reference for future research and learning.