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A pen is mightier than a gun – a modern form of Shakespeare’s ‘A pen is mightier than a sword’. Because a well-written essay reserves the power to influence the ideas, opinions, thoughts, and actions of others. It is a collection of contextual knowledge linked in a structural manner. It allows the writer to explore his field of expertise concerning various sides of perspective and pack it into an organized and presentable form before it is served to the audience.   The many benefits prioritize the essay writing skills for each learner to hone and garner. In reality, it comes off as the most feared and dreaded task among students at all levels. Whether the essay writing topic is related to the first day at the school, the history of America, or even something related to pure research, the task can overwhelm many beyond their expectations.   But the hassle is cut short for students of today. All they need is the magical phrase ‘best essay writing service’, type it in, and receive the best piece of writing in their hands in no time. If you can’t afford the services, better bite the bullet and get started with writing your own essay.   Need to write an essay professionally? Below is a key gun for write essay for me online – just your customized version – loaded with 7 massive points to pack the punch your essay needs.  

1. Select A Topic

  Students are usually given the topics by the teacher but sometimes are allowed to choose a topic on their own. In both cases, you need to research as much as you can. You can come across the topic of your interest and allow yourself to think about all the relevant ideas.   Determine first what you want to talk about and who your audience is. Keep a clear focus in mind. If you’re aiming to educate your audience, choose a topic relevant to your field of study; if you need to persuade, talk about your interest with passion. No matter what your essay is about, your essay should mouth out its mission.  

2. Brainstorm And Create An Outline

  Most professional writers in the essay writing services create an outline before they start the writing process. It helps them organize their ideas and thoughts and keeps their concentration in a straight line.   For a student like yourself, you can use the old-school brainstorming technique to gather as many ideas as possible. As you keep drawing out ideas, you’ll be able to assess your ideas. In case you’ve hit the creative block, you can use online web sources like the Stormboard, MindMup and Bubbl.us to keep track of the word storm you can create.  

3. Compose A Thesis Statement

  The thesis statement is the main theme around which your essay is built. Connect the main ideas in your mind map and construct a statement that states the topic and then discusse why you’re writing the essay.   It could be regarding a problem you’re addressing or an argument or any recent finding; make sure you devise an appropriate one, where your solution to the issue must be a concrete one.  

4. Think About The Introduction

  More than just a piece of words, it should keep your readers hooked until the end of your essay. For that, you must start with a ‘hook’ – whether that be an interesting fact, a recent finding, a relevant quote, or a question that intrigues your reader to keep reading on.   In just a paragraph, you can introduce your topic and include the thesis statement at the end. The flow of language should be natural where your readers can seamlessly link the intro to the thesis statement.  

5. Write The Body Paragraphs

  The body of your essay is the meat and potatoes of your essay. It presents the details of your topic. For each body paragraph, you can start by connecting the ideas that you brainstormed earlier and connect those with a minimum of 2-3 supportive evidence theories. Don’t forget to add in the examples to bolster your argument.   Organize each body paragraph and structure it relevantly, so that each information keeps adding support to your thesis statement and guides the reader back to it.  

6. Add A Conclusion

  Don’t think of conclusion as the easiest bit. A summary of your essay in general – it highlights all the main essay points, reiterates the importance of your thesis, and closes the essay.   To write an effective conclusion, make it precise, concise, and as brief as limited to 3-5 sentences. Moreover, avoid adding in new information.  

7. Edit, Proofread And Go For Peer Review

  After crafting the first draft of your essay, rest your head for some time and get back to reading your essay. Edit for mistakes, redundancy, wordiness, grammar, and simplification of sentences.   Once you’re done, go online and use editing websites like Grammarly and Cliché Finder to reassess your writing. It will help you see more issues, polish your writing, and rigidify your authenticity.  

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